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It has been a difficult and trying time for us all and and we are happy to announce that after the Covid-19"hiatus",we are back and up and running again! Genesis Opera Theatre wants to thank all our patrons, artists and staff for your hard work and support on our first six productions.
Genesis Opera Theatre has in a short time become a viable and successful small opera company in San Diego County.  Without you none of this would have been possible. We continue to be committed to our mission:
To make quality opera productions accessible to people of all ages for a reasonable price, with the hope of inspiring young people to explore the art form further as participants or patrons.
Also, in recognition of recent events that have rocked society, we want you to know that racism today and in our nation's history must not be forgotten, ignored or tolerated.  We stand with our black and other minority artists and community members to add our voice, support and commitment to a more inclusive world, on the stage, behind the scenes, and in our audience.
The Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation, who has been our company's major benefactor, has asked that we continue to donate a portion of our tickets, free of charge, to the underprivileged in our community, a responsibility we gladly accept, allowing us to bring opera to those who may never have had the opportunity.
Thank you again to all our supporters.  We look forward to seeing you at "The Telephone"
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